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Conserving the environment and water resources in Spain

A new eco-partnership for Viladrau with Girona and Barcelona Provincial Council

Viladrau Montseny and Natural Park cover

In a time where preserving nature remains a crucial priority, Barcelona Provincial Council, Girona Provincial Council and Nestlé Waters Spain have signed a new partnership agreement to help preserve Montseny Natural Park - Biosphere Reserve.

Through the agreement, Viladrau, whose natural mineral water bottling plant is located in this unique environment, will work together with Barcelona Provincial Council and Girona Provincial Council, to manage local habitats of significant environmental interest and apply good environmental practices to ensure Montseny’s ecosystems and natural resources.

The company and the institutions will manage the habitats of significant and apply good environmental practices, ensuring a sustainable use and respect Montseny’s ecosystems and natural resources. The actions of Viladrau in Montseny Natural Park will focus on research of the area, improving the environment and communication on the status of the park. These coordinated actions and the application of good management practices will be based on rigorous and objective, technical and scientific data, which each of the stakeholders will obtain and share in a timely, transparent fashion.

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