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Tour de France «ReVITTELizes» by Vittel

For the third year in a row, Vittel celebrates the Tour de France, race’s fan with its “The Tour is Yours !” event. Vittel has embodied vitality and energy for over 160 years and has been a major partner of the Tour de France since 9 years. This year, Vittel shares the festive spirit of the three-week race by rewarding spectators and immersing them in the life of tour.


Behind the scenes across the finish line 

At each stage of the race, cyclists are preceding by 14 caravaners. Vittel’s vehicules, which takes five months to build, are operated by 51 passionate “caravaners” who spread the joy by distributing gifts to spectators along the route. Those last will be accompanied by 120 one-day guests. Over the course of the Tour de France, Team Vittel's caravaners distribute 1,200,000 gifts to observers on the sidelines, including 500,000 copies of L'EAUFFICIEL, the Vittel's daily report from the heart of the race; and 200,000 banners and markers so fans can create signs to cheer on the riders.

From the caravan, to the 1,000,000 bottles of water provided to cyclists and spectators, to the “smart” frame plaque on each bicycle that displays the number of stages won by the rider. Vittel, one of the Nestlé's portfolio brands, supports the Tour de France and honors its fans in the spirit of sharing, vitality and fun.

Caravaners for a day 

Another 70 guests will get an upgrade to VIP status for a day: They will be welcomed to the Tour Village, just moments away from the starting point of the day's stage, where they'll have a chance to meet current and former racers and share the excitement with all the people who make the Tour de France possible.  

In addition, Vittel organizes the “RAND'EAU” event is an integral part of the Tour de France with 13 races along the course of the “Grande Boucle.” In July 2016, 140 “champions for a day” will take to the road for the last 10 kilometers of the day's stage. Mountain racing star and coach extra eau'rdinaire David Moncoutié will accompany them across the finish line.

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