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The Winners of R-Generation

 The lombard Capital and Gruppo San Pellegrino celebrate the champions of the R-Generation. Three primary schools in Milan are the winner of the educational recycling competition "Gather plastics, sow the future".

The winners of the educational campaign 'Gather Plastic, Sow the Future' have been proclaimed. The initiative is a competition promoted by Gruppo Sanpellegrino in collaboration with Giunti Progetti Educativi and the urban waste collection agencies for Milan (AMSA), Sondrio and Florence, the cities involved in the initiative.And the winners are: the Via Magreglio school of the Istituto Comprensivo Pareto,the Maria Mater Dea Primary school,and the Bonetti-D.D. Nolli and Arquati Primary School.

These three elementary schools, all in Milan, will step onto the winners podium during the official awards ceremony, with Sanpellegrino and AMSA executives in attendance.

Each one of these virtuous institutes will receive three super-prizes for use at the school: a playhouse and benches ...all strictly made of recycled plastic, manufactured by EUROCOM, a leading Italian manufacturer of ecological products, which contributed the prizes.

All children who participated in the initiative will receive a pencil case made of recycled PET to remind them that a host of useful and valuable objects may be made using this material.

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