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Sustainability and energy efficiency in the Turkish bottled water facility

In Turkey, sustainable economic growth is reliant on energy efficiency, according to the World Bank.

In a recent report by the international financial institution, focusing on a sustainable, energy efficient approach in the country can help sustain the economy and protect the environment.

At the Nestlé Waters bottled water facility in Bursa-Uludağ, Turkey, we continue to support growth and employment in the region, while also using a sustainable and energy efficient approach in our operations.

“Nestlé Waters Turkey is implementing environmentally conscious practices for water and energy saving purposes, and continues to support sustainability,” said S. Serdar Seyhanlı, Business Executive Officer for Nestlé Waters Turkey.

Erikli bottle factory  

Achieving energy and water savings

Our company has introduced water and energy efficient improvements at the site, such as analysing and optimising the energy and water usage of machinery, improving production line efficiency, installing new low-energy consumption equipment and using energy saving lamps.

As a result, we have reduced our total energy consumption rate per litre of bottled water by 43%, in comparison to the period 2009-2016. This is the equivalent of the annual electricity used by more than 68,000 average sized households in Turkey, according to the World Energy Council 2014.

In addition, we have reduced our water loss per litre of bottled water by 54% – nearly two million cubic metres of water – or over 780 Olympic sized swimming pools.

We were also recognised for our sustainable packaging efforts with CEVKO’s (Environmental Protection and Packaging Waste Recovery and Recycling Trust) Green Dot Industrial Award in the ‘Lightweight Package Design’ category in 2016.

Increasing investment and employment

Following the merger with the number one Turkish bottled water brand Erikli in 2006, our company has continued to support the region by investing 815 million Turkish Lira (CHF 225 million) over the last ten years in the facility. We aim to increase this to 1 billion Turkish Lira by 2020.

We also employ about 1,342 people at the site, helping to increase job opportunities in Bursa-Uludağ and nearby.

Boosting consumers’ needs and production power

As a leader in production capacity, we are now producing about eight million Erikli, Nestlé Pure Life and Alaçam bottled water products per day at the site.

Erikli bottled water factory  

They are distributed to thousands of retailers, homes and offices across the country to meet Turkish consumers’ increasing preference for bottled water.

Each day, about 23 million glasses of Nestlé Waters bottled water are consumed in Turkey.

“We lay great emphasis on making investments in our filling facilities at Bursa-Uludağ to ensure that we meet consumers’ needs, and maintain our production power and our position as a leader in the bottled water sector,” added Mr Seyhanlı.