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Sta. María® supports local forest fire brigades with sanitary kits

sanitary kits donation to CONAFOR

Sta. Maria, our mineral water brand in Mexico, has donated sanitary protection kits with antibacterial gel, plastic masks and blankets to the 20 forest fire brigades in the Izta Popo region. Included in those kits are mouth covers made of recycled PET that are resistant to high temperature.

PPE kits donation in Mexico

"At Sta. María we want to have a positive impact and we think of the people who care for Izta Popo Park in Puebla and who are part of our program with CONAFOR. These forest fire brigades are made up of people from the communal lands (Ejidos) and communities who continue to work to conserve and reforest the forest. So we decided to donate protection kits to help minimize the risk of contagion in these areas" said Allan Mejía, Public Affairs Manager at Nestlé Waters Mexico.

Nestlé Waters works with the National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) to protect and conserve forest areas and watersheds in Puebla, investing more than 25 million Mexican pesos for the benefit of 15 ejidos.

Sta Maria sanitary kits

We have already worked together for three years under this collaborative scheme in which we have obtained very positive results such as the formation of forest fire brigades, reforestation activities, community forestry management and productive projects.

In fact, in previous years Santa Rita Tlahuapan was one of the areas with the most forest fires in Puebla, and thanks to this work and the integration of forest fire brigades, this number has decreased by 50%.

Rolando Montero, Manager of CONAFOR Puebla

With this donation, the brand hopes that the risk of contagion in the field will decrease while the brigades are increasingly equipped to deal with the fires that occur this season. These sanitary kits add to the more than 400,000 liters of water donated by Nestlé Waters in Mexico during this contingency to benefit communities, 14 hospitals nationwide, as well as food banks, impacting a total of 300,000 families.