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S.Pellegrino's new international campaign

S.Pellegrino launches a new international communications campaign with a video starring Pierfrancesco Favino.

S.Pellegrino. Live in Italian” is more than a simple claim; since the year 2000, it has been an underlying theme for S.Pellegrino, the most well-known sparkling natural mineral water in the world that has been exporting the Italian lifestyle and its core values across 5 continents for over a century.

Today, S.Pellegrino launches a new international communications campaign, by Ogilvy & Mather Advertising. It goes beyond a simple commercial to become a proper story, bringing to life the most positive aspects of Italy: the art of dining, the utterly Italian ability to find creative solutions for handling the most diverse situations, and the pleasure of togetherness, even when you’re a world away from home.


Under the guidance of one of the best commercial directors in the world, Antony Hoffmann the ad stars Pierfrancesco Favino. With his deeply Mediterranean character and charm, he embodies that style and elegance that appeals so strongly to foreign audiences, doing it all with the extraordinary simplicity and naturalness typical of Italy.

The S.Pellegrino film has started its world tour in France on Apr 28th. It was presented to press during the Cannes Film Festival, at the S.Pellegrino point with Pierfrancesco Favino. It is now also launched in Italy, and will air in the UK and US this summer (TV and Web).