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S.Pellegrino brings the Live in Italian concept to London with an unexpected terroir experience

On the day of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants announcement, S.Pellegrino invited the world’s most influential restaurateurs, finest chefs and international media representatives to celebrate the art of fine food. It was a unique opportunity to experience the essence of the brand, Live in Italian: appreciating togetherness, experiencing food as a chance to meet up and share emotions and savouring the unique experience of socializing with taste and elegance. The Italian way of fully appreciating the pleasure of the simple, yet beautiful things in life.


The Italian Cultural Institute of London was the perfect venue for the event, featuring a tasting menu dedicated to the excellent products that embody the Made in Italy label and organized with the support of Piaceri D’Italia. Five exceptional professionals presented their unique take on these products: Tiziano Vudafieri (architect), Diego Rigatti (lawyer), Luciana Delle Donne (CEO of a non-profit company), Mirko Ian de Marinis (former bond trader)and Giacomo Bretzel (photographer).
This unusual choice brought together representatives of the most disparate fields with one thing in common – a true passion for fine food and a profound sense of culture, which they were glad to share with others on this great occasion. Two special ingredients went into the making of this event.

The first was a rich selection of products of excellence from the Italian terroir that bring rich, unique traditions to life – cured meats, cheeses, vinegars, wines, oils, pastas and breads – and of course the fine dining waters known to complement each other perfectly on the tables of the most renowned restaurants in the world, naturally enhancing the flavours of the most refined food and wine with which they are served, S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna.

The other key ingredient was the passion for the art of fine food, as expressed by these five talents in the spirit of S.Pellegrino waters. Each of the speakers accompanied guests on a journey of discovery, using their own experience and personal background to express each product’s unique qualities and deep ties with the territory. Architect Tiziano Vudafieri revealed to guests some of the most unique Italian cured meats, while Lawyer Diego Rigatti led guests on a discovery of cheeses and Luciana Delle Donne, CEO of “Officina Creativa” a non-profit company, showed the Italian pasta. Mirko Ian de Marinis, former bond trader, told the traditions of the vinegars and then Giacomo Bretzel, photographer, shared his experience about oils.

This experience attested once more to the important role that S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna play across the globe as ambassadors of the Italian style and art of living and as supporters of the gourmet food and fine wine culture.

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