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Samusocial de Paris and the Fédération Nationale des Eaux Embouteillées join forces to donate bottles of water during the heat wave

By donating bottles of natural mineral water and spring water, the Fédération Nationale des Eaux Embouteillées (French Federation of Bottled Waters) is supporting Samusocial de Paris (the Paris branch of France’s municipal humanitarian emergency service) in its initiative to help the most marginalized populations of the Paris region. In the current heat wave, Samusocial de Paris urgently needs water for people living in the street who, as they cannot take shelter from the sun or have ready access to water, are more exposed than others to the risks of dehydration.

An initial consignment of over 25,000 bottles of water will be handed out by Samusocial de Paris' patrols and at its day center. This action is part of Samusocial de Paris' heat wave plan, which includes informing people and making them aware of the precautions to be taken (e.g. locating water points and public showers), extending the opening hours of its day center, and identifying the most fragile population in order to direct them towards cool places.

Through this partnership, the Fédération Nationale des Eaux Embouteillées, whose members are natural mineral water and spring water producers who have already taken individual solidarity actions, is acting to reinforce Samusocial de Paris' efforts on the ground during this heat wave, by providing emergency supplies of bottled water.

Read the entire press kit (French) here.