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S.Pellegrino presents the preview of - Gualtiero Marchesi The Great Italian – at Cannes Film Festival

the preview of Gualtiero Marchesi The Great Italian

S.Pellegrino, the official water of the Film Festival, will honor chef Gualtiero Marchesi, on a film dedicated to the career of the ambassador of Italian Cuisine in the world, during the 70th edition of Cannes Film Festival. The chef is a global icon of international gastronomy and recognized as the founder of modern Italian cuisine.

Throughout his career, Marchesi is known to have continuously reinvented his cooking style, harmonizing modernity with tradition, quickly becoming recognized as one of the most influencial chefs of his time.

“The film depicts the Master's experiences and memories, many of which involving great chefs who worked alongside with him, as well as those who had the privilege to be trained by him” says Maurizio Gigola, Director and Producer of the movie”.

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