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S.Pellegrino launches “Are You A Real Foodie?” community

The real foodies from all over the world are now able to sit together around a table, a place where to share their passion and creativity without boundaries, side by side with some of the most renowned chefs of the globe.

S.Pellegrino, the Italian iconic mineral water, synonymous with fine dining, conviviality and togetherness, has launched its new international project “Are you a real foodie ?”, the largest digital table ever made, the Infinite Table, where all the food enthusiasts of the planet are invited to "take a seat" and bring their best dishes to the table.

Registering on, the gourmands have the opportunity to join this incredible community, describing their own signature dishes, uploading pictures and sharing their recipes with the rest of the tablemates. So, once "seated", foodies are able to freely explore the Infinite Table, browse through one anothers’ profiles, like and share contents uploaded by users from all around the world. Every new dining companion joining the table make it grow longer and longer, like the measuring tape at the bottom of the page shows in real time. Hour after hour, day after day, new real foodie after new real foodie, the infinite table becomes really “infinite”, with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or maybe even one million of tablemates: never underestimate the power of food passion!


Are You a real Foodie


The most renowned chefs in the world are joining the Are You A Real Foodie community: among them Sven Elverfeld (3 Michelin stars), Enrico e Roberto Cerea (3 Michelin stars), Daniel Humm (3 Michelin stars), Annie Féolde (first 3 starred female chef in Italy), Diego Munoz (number 1 in Latin America 50 Best Restaurants) and Mauro Colagreco (2 Michelin stars).

Are You A Real Foodie is on air since Monday the 16th of March and is developed in 4 languages (English, French, Italian, German).

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