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Nestlé Waters’ Recycling Initiative in Argentina: every year more PET Bottles recycled

Kids Recycling Bottles

For the fifth year in a row, the environmental awareness campaign “Green Tunuyan, transforming plastic into a resource” is being held by Eco de los Andes, COINCE (a local center for urban solid waste) and the Municipality of Tunuyan in Argentina to promote the recycling of PET plastic bottles.

More than 300,000 plastic bottles were recycled

Since the program was launched as a pilot project back in 2014, more than 8,800 kg of PET plastic have been collected, which is the equivalent of approximately 300,000 recycled plastic bottles. The program has proven to be effective with local community and school involvement. Around 38 schools have committed to taking part in the program by teaching students about the benefits of recycling and taking care of the environment. The idea is to change people’s habits so that recycling becomes second nature.

What happens to all the recycled plastic bottles?

Tunuyán Verde

There are many ways of giving a second life to the nearly 9,000 kg of PET plastic bottles collected. In this program, the money raised with the sale of those bottles is used to buy school items such as paper, pencils, blackboard chalk, furniture and building and cleaning materials for the participant schools. This methodology shows that PET bottles can end up back in schools in the form of educational materials.

School and community support

Martin Aveiro, Mayor of Tunuyan, is thrilled to be a part of the program and praises the students for their hard work and dedication. “They learned about the importance of environmental care and shared this knowledge with their families, also they were very committed to the program.”

Gabriel Minati, factory Manager of Eco de los Andes, affirmed, “Increasing awareness on the benefits of recycling PET bottles is part of our company’s commitment and that’s what we’re promoting with the Green Tunuyan initiative. We want to show how a 100% recyclable PET bottles can end up back in schools in the form of educational materials.”

And that is precisely what they are doing. With the support of local schools and communities, the campaign is sure to be a success for its fifth year running and the number of recycled bottles is expected to increase substantially over the next years.