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Perrier Street Art

« PERRIER inspired by Street Art ®»




Once again, PERRIER, the legendary natural sparkling mineral water,
adopts a bold artistic inventiveness that will impress even the most

Effervescence, creativity and pizzazz... When PERRIER tries its hand at
Street Art, the result is as surprising as ever and totally in step with its

For this new limited edition, PERRIER has chosen 3 of the world’s most influential
street artists: JonOne, an American though a Parisian by adoption, the poetic
Japanese artist Sasu and the Brazilian humanist Kobra. In all, the 3 have created
nine unique designs to adorn the iconic glass bottles, the plastic PET bottles and
the new PERRIER Slim Can.

From Dali to Colette, Carlu, Villemot, and even Warhol, PERRIER has inspired the
greatest artists of the last few decades.

The “PERRIER inspired by Street Art®” Limited Edition is in this tradition,
as any as ever and just as refreshing.
This will be the “Street Art” event of
the year’s holiday season, in the inimitable spirit of the brand... decidedly different!




Kit Press : Perrier Street Art