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Perrier x Murakami

PERRIER® has announced its latest collaboration, with Japanese superstar artist Takashi Murakami. Two limited edition PERRIER glass bottles featuring original artworks by the renowned artist were launched worldwide in October to celebrate the partnership.

Murakami’s signature smiling flowers bring an extra pop of color and joy to PERRIER’s iconic green bottles. Some bottles also feature his beloved characters, Kaikai and Kiki, who also appear alongside PERRIER in a 30-second animated film, produced in collaboration with Murakami. Additional product formats will launch in early 2021.

Murakami is the latest artist to restyle PERRIER’s iconic and vibrant brand. Over its 150 years history, PERRIER has collaborated with some of the world’s most influential artists, including Andy Warhol, Salvador Dalí, Bernard Villemot, Raymond Savignac, Carlu and Jean-Gabriel Domergue.

Takashi Murakami commented, “I hope that together, we can heighten the sense of relationship further, sharing a little more joy and hope for the future.”

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