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Happy Birthday Perrier !

2013 will be no exception... For PERRIER, this year will be every bit as crazy as the 150 previous ones...
150 years already!.. And yet PERRIER has lost nothing of its daring and its panache, quite the contrary!
Rare are those iconic brands, and even rarer are those whose image embodies so much humour, daring... and that little touch of zaniness!

PERRIER, is a naturally sparkling mineral water par excellence, known and loved for its taste and the ultimate refreshment it provides. A water with unrivalled fizz that has never taken itself too seriously but that knows just the right combination of creativity, elegance and avant-gardism.

Throughout its history, it advertising campaigns, its icons, its innovations and its successes, in addition to the people who have made it such an icon in itself, it remains one of the most legendary brands of our time.
A drink with an inimitable DNA, offbeat nature that has always been intended to travel worldwide and has become the leading sparkling mineral water in France and internationally.

2013 will focus on that unique artistic encounter between Andy Warhol and PERRIER. An unlikely yet legendary encounter, the sort one hardly dares dream of and the likes of which we will never see again...The sort that only PERRIER could bring back to life.

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