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Nestlé Waters is partner for the first time to the Impact Journalism Day

As a partner of Impact Journalism Day for the first time, Nestlé Waters moves a step forward in supporting and getting inspired by innovative and sustainable solutions mainly for education, access to water and health.

Water is essential and vital to human life and involved in practically all functions of the human body.

Water should be the top choice for daily hydration as part of a healthy lifestyle as water contains zero calories and zero sugar, is a healthy alternative for sugar-sweetened beverages, especially as public challenges linked to obesity in the world are increasing.

As the world leading bottled water company, Nestlé Waters is committed to encourage people adopting healthy hydration habits and drink water, whether bottled or from the tap. Nestlé Waters carries out research to help consumers better understand the important role of water and hydration for health and actively supports education about it.

We have made of sustainable water use our top priority. Already in 1992, Nestlé Waters France has initiated collective action in Vittel with local stakeholders for preserving the quality and the sustainability of the water for future generation. In parallel Nestlé Waters is striving to continuously improve the environmental impacts of its activities.

“As the Corporate Water Resources Manager for Nestlé Waters, I’m very proud to sign the Manifesto by collaborating develop innovative and sustainable solutions which improve integrated water resources management and access to safe drinking water where we operate” explains Cédric Egger to support the Manifesto.

Please click here to watch the video and read the Manifesto.