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Nestlé Waters opens new factory in Nigeria 

Nestlé Waters opened its latest manufacturing facility for Nestlé Pure Life bottled water in Abaji, Nigeria. This factory will complement the existing Agbara factory in the Ogun State.


As part of Nestlé Waters’ commitment to creating shared value with local communities, the 14.6-hectare factory features a modern Technical Training Centre to provide practical training to young Nigerian engineering students. There, Nestlé Waters will share its expertise in preserving water resources and ensuring the sustainability of the shared water aquifers.

Marco Settembri, Nestlé Waters Chairman & CEO and Nestlé SA General Manager explains, “We are committed to helping people lead healthier lives as water is surely the best way to fulfil daily hydration needs. Our goal is to provide families in Nigeria and all around the world with an affordable and convenient daily healthy hydration solution.” 

Nestlé Waters promotes water stewardship programs around the world in partnership with Project WET (Water Education for Teachers), helping teachers educate children about proper hydration. 6,000 Nigerian schoolchildren in 115 schools participated in the program in 2015, and Project WET will be expanded to 1,200 more pupils in Abaji in 2016.

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