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Nestlé’s 2020 commitments and long-term ambitions

2020 commitments

Today, Nestlé announces its new 2020 commitments together with three long-term ambitions, in support of the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The 42 commitments featured in the report guide show the breadth of Nestlé’s ambition in collective efforts to meet specific objectives. Nestlé Waters is particularly involved and engaged in one of these commitments through the program “Advancing a sustainable water future in California”.

Nestlé Waters aims to be responsible stewards of water, ensuring that it is managed sustainably and protected across our value chain. The drought in California and the long-term sustainability of water resources is a key issue for us. Through our membership in the California Water Action Collaborative (CWAC), we pursue collective action projects to improve California's water security for people, business, agriculture and nature. Nestlé Waters North America supports projects within each of the three CWAC focus areas of: returning water to the system; building social capital to improve trust across sectors; and driving corporate water stewardship to align with the Governor’s California Water Action Plan.