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Nestlé Waters’ employees engaged in Nestlé’s clean up efforts on World Ocean’s Day

World Clean-up day in Italy

Marking World Ocean’s Day on June 8, over 5000 employees and their families from Nestlé Waters and Nestlé local markets worked with local communities and NGOs worldwide to remove plastic waste in local water bodies.

Promoting efforts to improve local habitats and help create a waste-free future, teams at 66 sites in 45 countries worldwide collected plastic waste and debris from shorelines, rivers and local water bodies in partnership with local organisations and communities.

“Plastic waste is one of the world’s most pressing issues. The clean-up initiative is just one way each of us is helping to make a difference and raise public awareness about reducing plastic waste and recycling more.” said Maurizio Patarnello, CEO of Nestlé Waters.

The hundreds of employees’ children present at the events participated in educational programmes on the environment and wildlife conservation, as well as learning more about recycling.

This initiative and others are part of the Nestlé Group’s ambition to stop plastic leakage in the environment and achieve plastic neutrality.

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