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Nestlé Waters Canada suggests Canadians to rethink their drink

Rethink your drink

Nestlé Waters Canada is challenging Canadians to rethink their drinks and take the Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling 7 Day Challenge as part of its commitment to helping families live healthier lives.

When trying to develop better health habits, we often focus on food instead of our beverages, but when you consider that 1/3rd of our daily sugar intake can come from beverages alone, we’re missing a key element in our quest for better health.

By visiting, Canadians will pledge to swap one sugary beverage for one sparkling water for seven consecutive days and will receive $1 off a case of Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water.

Since July 13, Nestlé Pure Life brand ambassadors started stop in at office complexes in the Greater Toronto area with free cases of Nestlé Pure Life Sparkling Water to encourage employees to start their own inter-office 7 Day Challenge.

In addition to kick-starting a healthier lifestyle, those who participate in the challenge can share their experiences on the Nestlé Pure Life Canada Facebook pagefor a chance to win fitness related prizes including fitness bands, athletic equipment and athletic wear. The challenge will be closed on August 30rd.

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