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Nestlé Waters Canada & Project Water against dehydration among homeless people during summer

Nestlé Waters Canada has announced it has donated $64,763 worth of bottled water to Project Water, a volunteer organization that distributes bottled water to those living on Greater Toronto Area streets who suffer from dehydration during the summer months.


Project Water will distribute bottled water to more than 150 social service agencies over the next few months that work with the homeless and needy in Toronto and across the GTA. Agencies that will receive the water include the Salvation Army, the Canadian Red Cross, Street Health Bus and the Scott Mission.

Nestlé Waters Canada delivered 311,489 bottles of water to Engage and Change’s 2015 Project Water initiative. Since 2006, the Company has donated more than 2, 140, 2898 bottles of water to the organization valued at $378,109.

“Sadly, dehydration continues to be one of the most serious, debilitating health issues in our community during the Summer months, particularly amongst the homeless,” said Jody Steinhauer, Founder of Engage and Change and Project Water. “The continuing commitment between Project Water, Engage and Change and Nestlé Waters Canada to moving us closer to resolving this challenge in the longer term while saving lives in the near term is highly motivating to our organization, our legion of volunteers and the public health teams on streets across the GTA who are coming to the aid of the homeless each and every day.”

“We are very proud to be associated with Engage and Change, especially with respect to such a critical issue as dehydration amongst the homeless in the Greater Toronto Area,” said Debbie Moore, President of Nestlé Waters Canada. “Bottled water is the most convenient and healthful solution to dehydration for all human beings when they are away-from-home. As Project Water has proven in the past and will illustrate once again this Summer, the availability of bottled water will play a key role in the continuing health and wellness of those who do not have access to potable water because they are homeless.”

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