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Nestlé Waters and the owners of the Abyssinia Springs business created a joint-venture in Ethiopia

Nestlé Waters is creating a joint venture with the owners of the Abyssinia Springs business-one of the leading water players in Ethiopia to carry out bottled water activities in the country and support economic growth



The factory is situated in Sululta, near the capital Addis Ababa, in an area with high average annual rainfall.

Both partners shared the same sensitivity to create shared value for the local community. 

The partners of the JV have agreed to implement all measures create shared value necessary to ensure sustainable management of the water resources, in close cooperation with the local community, and with the same goal of creating shared value which guides all engagements within the Nestlé Group.

 “Our investment is part of the group’s commitment to the continuous growth of Africa and the sustainable use of resources. In Ethiopia, we will be engaging strongly with local stakeholders to contribute to socio-economic development. The focus will be put on improving drinking water access in neighbouring communities, ensuring the sustainability of the water shared with the community, and developing income generating activities for youth groups. ” said Guy BANI, Nestlé Waters Regional Manager.

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