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#SharingFactory Levissima: how we imagine the Factory of the Future…together



Nestlé Waters’ brand in Italy, Levissima, held a fun-filled ‘Sharing Factory’ day for their workers, dedicated to creating the ideal future factory. Workers were invited to come with their families and enjoy a day filled with sharing, socializing, trying new things and making creative contributions to what they consider to be their ideal future factory.

'Together We Aim Higher': workers and families involved

The event boasted 7 unique areas with their own fun activities.

The Information corner was to welcome attendees to the event, offer more information on the activities and provide everyone with a sample of the water of the day.

The Experience corner was for the adventurous kids and adults who wanted to learn how to mountain climb with a professional instructor on a climbing wall equipped with five panels and boulder walls and two moveable walls.

The Participation corner was where attendees could share their ideas and leave comments on what they wanted their employee space to look like. They had a printed map of their new employee space, which they were able to personalize by leaving Post-its with their suggestions and ideas. The employee space also included a social wall where the discussion continued and employees left Post-its with their ideas.

The Social corner was where memories were made. Guests could get a Polaroid picture taken with their family and friends to remember the day with a fun souvenir.

The Kids corner was where children could let their creative juices flow! The activities were led by two entertainers who worked with the kids on designing their own future factory with poster paper, markers and Post-its.

The Snack corner had buffet tables with snacks, dried fruit, drinks and the water of the day for everyone to try, served by two students from the Hospitality Institute and their instructor.

Local Communities at Heart


The day was dedicated to Levissima’s employees, family and friends: a real community sharing ideas and making a better future for everyone. The idea of the Sharing Factory was that people grow together and there are things that we can only accomplish by working together: a new way to live the renewal of the Factory, a Masterplan program that started in 2017 and will be completed in 2019, putting people and community needs and expectations at the very core of the project.