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A ‘plus’ for health-conscious Italians

Water source

Levissima +, an innovative new range of functional waters for healthy, active lifestyles.

Levissima natural mineral water has a reputation for purity, coming from the highest mountain peaks in the Italian Alps. Available both still and sparkling, it is widely consumed in Italy, and ranks as the national market leader.

However, for our Italian marketing team something was missed. In early in 2017, the marketing team started looking for a way to satisfy the expectations of Italian consumers wanting their water to do more than just quench their thirst.

People expect more from water

All around the world there has been a blurring of boundaries between categories of soft drinks. More and more people are looking for ways to include water in part of their daily routine, instead of carbonated soft drinks. Moreover, the consumption of bottled water is being associated with people living an active and healthy lifestyle.

As part of their health routine, consumers wanted water not only to restore and hydrate them, but also to perform additional functions to help them to achieve their objectives.


We carried out a research work and discovered the benefits that these consumers, called “Proactive achievers”, could most easily associate with their water: improved muscle function, reduced tiredness and greater well-being. Three specific mineral salts are generally linked with these benefits: potassium, magnesium and zinc, respectively. So by adding these mineral salts to the pure Levissima natural mineral water, a functional healthy water was born: Levissima +. The result is a highly innovative new range that constitutes a disruptive innovation in the Italian bottled waters market.

bottled water

Levissima + has three varieties:

  • Levissima + pro-power (blackberry flavour) with added potassium for improved muscle function
  • Levissima + pro-active (green apple flavour) with added magnesium for reduced tiredness and improved concentration
  • Levissima + anti-oxidant (blackcurrant flavour) with added zinc for reduced stress and greater well-being

Strong market feedback

We have formulated all three varieties so that one 60cl bottle provides consumers the right support in achieving the recommended daily requirement of each mineral explains Levissima’s Giacomo Giacani.

“We also wanted to make it an attractive drink that people would choose to quench their thirst. We decided to combine each variety with a different flavour. Levissima has always been associated with the mountains, so we chose the flavours of three fruits that grow on mountain ranges – blackberry, green apple and blackcurrant – which fit well with the brand.

Levissima + was launched in June 2018, after less than 18 months of research, development and trials. Early feedback from the market has been strong and other varieties are in the pipeline with a view to launch next year.