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LEVISSIMA invests for the community

Sandrine Alouf

In keeping with SanPellegrino’s commitment to protecting and enhancing the environment and communities in which it operates, the Group is investing 30 million euros over the next few years in a refurbished factory in Bormio, in the Valtellina valley in northern Italy. The new plant, named the Levissima Mineral Water Sharing Factory, will address the evolving needs of employees as well as the preservation of natural resources in partnership with the community.

Shared Resources, Shared Value

"The Levissima Sharing Factory is the result of a process of listening and collaboration that has roots in our way of doing business, but inaugurates a new phase” said Federico Sarzi Braga, President and Managing Director of Sanpellegrino. “We have always worked in synergy with the communities in which we operate because what we bring to people is a unique resource. It is not a coincidence that in Valtellina, for over 10 years, we have been supporting the University of Milan in the study of the environment from which Levissima and glaciers are born, and we work side by side with the Stelvio National Park to protect the environment in an intelligent and productive way."

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"Our water and our mountains are the essence of our community," observed Alessandro Pedrini, Mayor of Valdisotto. "We are sure that this important project can be an opportunity for the territory, which is already fortunate in having unique natural treasures which, with the investment of the Sanpellegrino Group, we want to continue to preserve, protect and enhance."

Innovation and Education

The newly refurbished plant has been designed to enhance environmental performance and technological innovation, provide employees with more comfortable and functional workspaces, improve knowledge of water resources and contribute to the touristic potential of the region.

Bottle Conveyor Belt

Some areas will be open and multifunctional, to encourage deeper interaction with researchers at the University of Milan, who will share knowledge about water and mountain environments with the community and visitors to the area’s National Park and other attractions.

“Levissima’s support throughout the years allowed us to address cryosphere research topics that were not carried out in Italy” said Antonella Senese, a professor at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policies at the University of Milan. “The new path that we are going to inaugurate with Levissima will help us to pursue more studies, and bring adults and children closer to the mountain, teaching them to love and respect it."

In a broader sense, the Levissima Sharing Factory also promises to be an educational opportunity, prioritizing the conservation of nature and supporting sustainable and respectful tourism.

“In order to promote our region we can pursue two different paths: keep it under a glass dome, or open it to people” explained Alessandro Meinardi, President of Stelvio National Park. “The presence of a respectable company, open to innovation, respecting the environment and sustaining a new type of type of responsible and participatory tourism, can bring positive repercussions to the territory and the people who visit it.”