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“I Choose Water” - nationwide educational campaign in Poland



The three years educational programme "I Choose Water" is an opportunity for a meeting and a debate among the opinion leaders, bottled water producers and the tap water supply system. All have a common voice on the necessity of water resources protection and healthy hydration of the Polish citizens.

The educational programme “I Choose Water” was created with passion and commitment to promoting healthy lifestyle in Poland. It is based on one simple fact, that the water is still underestimated and yet indispensable for life. This nationwide social educational campaign is a joint initiative of the Polish Dietetary Association and Institute of Health and Diet Therapy Promotion. The programme will focus on the role of healthy hydration in maintaining physical and cognitive functions of the organism.

Nestlé Waters the owner of Nestlé Pure Life brand, from Nestlé Waters portfolio, has engaged in the nationwide programme “I Choose Water”, organized by Polish Dietetary Association (PTD) the Institute of Health and Dietotherapy Promotion. A marketing campaign informing about the cooperation within the framework of “I Choose Water” programme, is launched.

The educational activities included in the programme will aim at drawing a special attention to the role of water for maintaining health and proper hydration of organism, simultaneously emphasizing the benefits resulting from drinking both bottled and tap water.

The experts' debate was led by a journalist – Iwona Schymalla. She has great expectations concerning the success of the "I Choose Water" programme. D. Eng. Danuta Gajewska, the Chairman of Polish Dietetary Association, was among the specialists. She had explained that healthy hydration of the body is especially important in pregnant and breast-feeding women, school children, young adults and elderly persons, as well as in all people who actively practise sports. Each of those groups should remember about choosing water of good quality and with composition matching their individual need, as was emphasized by PhD Halina Weker from the Mother and Child Institute.

Justyna Steczkowska, the ambassador of the “I Choose Water” programme:

I accepted the proposal submitted by the organizers of “I Choose Water” programme and became its ambassador with proud. The values promoted by this programme are close to me and I have been passing them to our children for a long time. Observing the increasing index of obesity in our society, I consider that building of proper nutritional habits among Polish people at any age as well as informing them how important component of our everyday nutrition is water - the source of life and main component of human organism, are especially important. Everyone should drink 2 litres of water a day to ensure a proper functioning of organism. Therefore I try to make my children aware that water and balanced diet play a very important role in our life. I teach them love to water and I regret that 15 years ago, when our youngest son was little, we had no such knowledge on this subject. I support the programme “I Choose Water” with all my heart, because I choose it myself every day!


I Choose Water

Justyna Steczkowska, ambassador of the “I Choose Water” programme

In the home picture from the left to right: 

 Tomasz Rasztawicki (CBM, Nestlé Waters Poland)
 Prof. Halina Weker (Mother and Child Institute)
 Marta Widz (Warsaw City Hall)
 Justyna Steczkowska (Singer and Mother of 3 children, „I Choose Water” Program Ambassador)
 Dorota Jakuta (Municipal Tap Water Supply Chamber)
 Izabela Zamyślewska (Health and Dietotherapy Institute)
 Dr inż. Danuta Gajewska (Polish Diet Therapy Association)
 Iwona Schymalla (Journalist)
 Prof. Kazimierz Banasik (Warsaw Agricultural University)



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