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Healthy Hydration with HENNIEZ!

HENNIEZ brand mineral water is spreading the message that drinking clean water throughout the day is essential to ensuring hydration. From its source in the hills of La Broye, a protected natural reserve surrounded by forests near Lausanne, Switzerland, HENNIEZ captures the spring water that surfaces naturally from local aquifers and produces still or sparkling mineral water.

In a market survey (*), 95% of Swiss respondents indicated that they are interested in the subject of hydration, and 89% want to learn more about it. HENNIEZ's new advertising campaign, "For a healthy lifestyle, what we drink is as important as what we eat," aims to raise awareness about and promote healthy hydration. Visuals emphasize the connection between healthful fruits and vegetables and the range of HENNIEZ bottled mineral waters, as well as the importance of drinking water during physical activity to maintain performance.

Henneiz bottled water pack

The natural mineral water source at HENNIEZ was discovered by the Celts over 2000 years ago; they called it the "Good Fountain." In the late 17th century, the springs were a popular destination for aristocrats and bourgeoisie alike seeking the healthful benefits of the pure water. 200 years, later Dr. Virgile Borel analyzed the water at HENNIEZ to confirm its value as true mineral water. HENNIEZ bottled water was sold in pharmacies as a medicinal remedy starting in 1905; after World War II, HENNIEZ was no longer considered just a therapeutic cure, and was enthusiastically adopted as a daily beverage promoting health and well-being, on its way to becoming Switzerland's number one mineral water brand.

Today, HENNIEZ continues to educate consumers about the importance of drinking water, eating well and being active, from the earliest years. In partnership with GORILLA, the Schtifti Foundation's program promoting health among Switzerland's young people, HENNIEZ brings over 500 school children out of the classroom and into the Swiss mountains for workshops and play activities focused on healthy hydration and exercise.

Henneiz pack

The message of HENNIEZ's advertising campaign (from May to July) – "For a healthy lifestyle, what we drink is as important as what we eat" – is conveyed through bottle packaging, posters, television spots and digital campaigns on Facebook/Youtube. The campaign emphasizes that a balanced regimen of healthy eating and regularly physical activity, along with regular water intake is key for a healthy lifestyle!

(*) Study « Henniez Hydration Study » done by GFK in December 2016 on all the Swiss population.