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Healthy hydration: the feelgood factor

Healthy hydration - feelgood factor

The pandemic and changing seasons are worrying Italian families and straining their psychological-physical balance. While hydration’s benefits on physical well-being are well known, its impact on the functioning of the brain and other, high-metabolism tissues is often underestimated. Scientific research shows that poor hydration can lead to anxiety, tension and depression. It also shows a correlation between better hydration and a "good mood."

"Water represents about 65% of our body weight, with the brain and muscles composed for 75% of water; that rises to more than 80% for the lungs, blood and kidneys,” notes Dr. Elisabetta Bernardi, Biologist specialized in food science and a member of the Sanpellegrino Observatory. “It is therefore easy to see the important role it plays in all of our vital functions, including mood changes. In fact, even moderate dehydration has been shown to have negative effects on our psychological state."

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