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Celebrate 2012 Fooding with S. Pellegrino

Please download the fooding's program here


After “Les Ebullitions Perpétuelles” in 2010 and “La Cambuse Effervescente” in 2011, The Fooding and S. Pellegrino are back to dispel those autumn blues and enchant Paris with a wave of their magic baguette.

For two nights and for four times in a raw, the courtyard and space under the Ecole des Beaux-Arts’ historic glass roof will be transformed into a gourmet parking lot for delectable street fare, dreamed up by the best food trucks from New York, Copenhagen, Brussels, Marseille…

With the participation of Christophe Pelé, former Bigarrade restaurant chef and now star chef of the Fooding Guide, currently on the road.

To make sure you are among the happy few and don’t miss out, just watch out for the bookings opening dates on and everything should be alright.

Enjoy the tasting. 

P.S. As every year, this gourmet event will also benefit the worthy cause of the Brazzaville orphanage Les Enfants du Congo Béthanie