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Encouraging healthy hydration in Mexico

female kid drinking water from a glass

Joint effort to tackle obesity

Obesity is a global health issue that has nearly tripled worldwide since 1975, according to the World Health Organization (February 2018).

Generally affecting people on a diet that is high in sugar and fat and take little exercise, it has become an increasing problem among children. Worryingly, 41 million youngsters under the age of five worldwide were overweight or obese in 2016.

This is one reason why we are engaging with local people to promote healthy hydration in countries that suffer from this prevalent health problem, as part of our company’s purpose to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

Boosting healthy hydration in Mexico

In Mexico – a country with one of the highest childhood obesity rates worldwide and the number one country in consumption of sugary drinks by children – we’ve taken steps to tackle this by signing an agreement with the Ministry of Health for the third year running that includes:

  1. Celebration of the National Healthy Hydration day where children and their families could learn about healthy habits during they are having fun
  2. Hydration brigades to promote healthy habits in medical students
  3. A media tour to inform society about healthy hydration

From encouraging healthy hydration to understanding the benefits of drinking more water, our company and the Mexican government engaged with thousands of people in in the country during National Family Hydration Month in July 2018.

Reaching nearly 80,000 people in Mexico

As part of the event, nearly 80,000 people – from youngsters to the elderly – attended Healthy Hydration Day at Chapultepec Zoo in Mexico City and Colomos Forest in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

"We feel very proud that we reached more and more families to help raise awareness about healthy hydration,” said Gabriela Corral, Marketing Director for Nestlé Waters Mexico. “We are promoting healthy habits by focusing on parents to help transfer good habits to their kids, such as drinking more water and keeping hydrated.”

Families learnt about the importance of keeping well hydrated by taking part in event activities, such as the ‘move the world’ game, where they pedalled static bikes to race against each other to ‘move’ the world.

Families were able to take part in workshops, in partnership with ECOCE, a non-profit organisation for PET collection in Mexico, to learn about the value of PET recycling and how to recycle at home.

They also discovered the Nestlé Pure Life TV ad in the ‘sensorama’ area and learnt about the benefits of a healthy hydration.

They were also offered Nestlé Pure Life water bottles at hydration centres on site throughout the day, backing the importance of healthy hydration and the benefits of drinking more water.

Complementary actions of the program

A nutrition expert, who specialises in hydration, led our Hydration Brigade roadshow covering health topics and healthy hydration to help over 300 medical students understand the benefits of drinking water, and in turn, spread this message to others.

A media tour also took place in both areas, together with Sandra M. Mata Camacho, Deputy Director of the Coordination Unit, Social Participation and Liaison for the Ministry of Health, to discuss Mexican health statistics with journalists and how healthy hydration can lead to better health benefits.

nestle pureza vital bikes installation

Engaging with over 220,000 people

The event, which contributes to the Mexican Ministry of Health’s aim to impact the lives of five million children in the country by 2020, has helped us engage with over 220,000 people since we formed a partnership with the authority three years ago.

  • Partnership between Nestlé Waters and the Ministry of Health was formed in 2016
  • This year marks the third National Family Hydration Month in Mexico
  • Nearly 80,000 people attended
  • 2018 two events took place in Mexico City and Guadalajara