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Boosting production and employment in France with new 200 million Euro investment

An ambitious plan to increase production and create jobs has been announced as part of a 200 million Euro investment at our Perrier bottling site in France.

The ‘Perrier Cap 2020’ plan includes manufacturing two billion bottles of our sparking mineral water brand in 2020, with the construction of a single 100,000m2 modern and centralized production unit, and the installation of five new bottling lines, increasing to a total of 14.

This will boost the production capacity of Perrier PET, glass and can products, which will be distributed from our site near the source in Vergèze in southern France, to the rest of the country and for export.

We will increasingly return to rail transport to export our products, reducing our environmental impact and supporting sustainable development.

Improvements at our site will also include enhancing access and traffic flow to increase safety in the workplace for employees and visitors.




Increasing employment and developing skills

As part of the plan, nearly 200 jobs have already been created over the past two years to ensure a solid workforce at our site for future production needs.

About 40,000 hours of training each year are being offered to new employees to develop their technical skills, with an emphasis on ‘product quality and safety for all’.

We are also collaborating with other companies in the Gard department to set up an employers group with the aim of improving staff employability.

Improving water quality and promoting agroforestry

We are committed to working with local stakeholders to protect the quality of water for residents and communities near our bottling facility.

Using the agroforestry expertise of the Pur Project collective, which supports climate preservation through reforestation and forest conservation, a system of nitrate pumping composite hedges have been planted in partnership with a nearby district to prevent water contamination.

We are also supporting farmers and their agricultural projects to promote the cultivation of organic olives, vines, saffron and market gardening in partnership with the French National Institute for Agronomic Research (INRA).

Perrier Infographic

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