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Beautiful and Sustainable: the new HENNIEZ bottle

Since January 2015 – HENNIEZ natural mineral water now comes in a new 100cl glass bottle.

The iconic Swiss water’s new showcase is sleeker, smoother and more modern, to match its reputation. If further proof was needed, the HENNIEZ Facebook group registered its 10,000th fan in December, which bodes well for the brand’s 100th birthday in 2015. HENNIEZ just grows younger and younger, and to mark the event it has treated itself to a brand new website and visual identity.

Nestlé Waters has added an environmental dimension to the new bottle. Being 32 grams lighter than its predecessor – 580 rather than 612 grams – it will use less raw material in production and will be easier to load, which will reduce the amount of transport required to distribute it. The quality of the glass should also make it possible to increase the number of filling cycles for each bottle. The impact is considerable: Henniez’s carbon footprint is expected to fall by around 90 tons of CO2 per million bottles produced, and by 9 tons of CO2 per million bottles transported.

 Bottled for 110 years HENNIEZ natural mineral water gushes out of the ground in the undulating Broye region, between Lausanne and Bern in the canton of Vaud. The terrain is highly wooded, and preserved by a huge 250-hectare natural park called the Domaine d’Henniez.

The virtues of the water from Henniez had already been appreciated in Roman times, and they were scientifically recognized at the end of the 19th century. But it was not until 1905 that the water was bottled by the Société des Bains et Eaux d’Henniez. At the time it was to be found in pharmacies: for until the 1950s, mineral waters were considered to be healthcare products.

After the Second World War, Henniez became Switzerland’s most popular mineral water.