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An #ExtraordinairePerrier "Love" Story: Perrier and Roland-Garros, together for 38 years

In 2016, before millions of spectators in Paris and around the world, Perrier and Roland-Garros celebrate38 years of partnership, bringing excitement and refreshment to the world's best tennis players and their loyal fans. The French Open will be more exciting than ever this year. Visitors will discover Perrier's four entertainment events along the alleys. For the 6th time, Perrier will be sponsor of the “Trophée des Légendes”during the second week of Roland-Garros. This event brings together true legends of tennis remember John McEnroe or Henri Leconte in a competitive and fun atmosphere.


Up, up and away 

Between breathtaking matches, tennis lovers explore the cosmos of tennis through the “#ExtraordiniarePerrier” and try the “Extraordinaire Immersion”. The effervescence of Perrier, transformed with technology never used before at a sporting event, rises into the sky visitors on a virtual hot air balloon ride through the story of Perrier's love affair with tennis and bring them in spectacular spaces and, even more incredible, onto the court with legends. 


Very #Extraordinaire ... Perrier! 

More excitement await spectators who may just find their seats are “The place to be!”. Perrier has a VIP experience in store for lucky ticket holders to Roland-Garros matches. And everyone can enjoy Perrier's newest treat, the refreshing Slim Cam Perrier Aro Fraise with the bright and bubbly taste of strawberries. To keep the fun rolling, the Perrier “Bus Party” promises a festiveride back to central Paris, complete with fun cocktails. Participants in Perrier's on-site events at Roland-Garros are eligible to win a ticket for this unforgettable trip. 

An #Extraordinaire Year

From early May, Perrier booted its speaks across different initiaves in France to recuit new generation of consumers and maximize brand visibility around this inescapable event. Indeed, 2016 sparkles with new adventures for Perrier as the beloved brand introduces its new website. will bring together the fan communities on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter, and delight visitors with an exclusive cocktail of content featuring art, lifestyle trends, mixology... and whatever else is bubbling up in pop culture. Recipes and guides will match visitors with the ideal Perrier beverage for them, any time of day, wherever they travel. Follow #Extraordinaire to sample all the Perrier universe has to offer.

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