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A thermo-mineral spring to heat buildings

Innovation and sustainable development

The “Source aux Croix” located in Saxon, Switzerland, is the thermo-mineral spring behind the CRISTALP brand, which naturally emerges at a temperature of 25°C (77°F), in the heart of the Alps.

This natural heat will soon be used in order to heat to the CRISTALP bottled water factory, as well as some of the Saxon municipality’s buildings and its future hospital and spa.

The project will make the CRISTALP¨site (source and factory) “energy positive”. This means the site will produce more energy that it will use. It will also strengthen Saxon’s ambition to become one of Switzerland’s most environmentally sustainable municipality.

Nestlé Waters Switzerland (NWCH – who bottles CRISTALP water) the Saxon municipality and Groupe E Greenwatt SA (a Swiss company specialized in building and managing renewable energy systems) signed an agreement on September 5th, to make the project come to life.

The three parties will start working at the end of September, and start providing the renewable energy by the spring of 2014. Ultimately, the Source aux Croix should produce at least four times more renewal energy than its initial capacity.

NWCH, which initiated the project, financed feasibility studies, searched for partners, and coordinated the work between the different parties.

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