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A bold new-look for Nałęczowianka

Relaunch of a mineral water for all

Nałęczowianka new look

Nałęczowianka, our mineral water brand in Poland, has been relaunched with a fresh and modern new look to encourage people to drink water.

The brand image has changed from our well-known, traditional product – to a vibrant, energetic and luxury mineral water for everyone, for all ages.

Nałęczowianka has kept true to its heritage from its source in the thermal town of Nałęczów by showcasing a new-look logo with the year 1817, when properties of the water were first examined. It also features an eye-catching ‘NAŁ’ title to distinguish itself from other mineral water brands.

“Nałęczowianka decided to change from a key local brand to a premium brand that now focuses on a modern design, while emphasising the place from which the water comes,” explained Catherine Sternowska, Nestlé Waters brand manager for Nałęczowianka.


“Nałęczowianka enriches itself with minerals while travelling from its source for over 20 years, making it a mineral water that can be drunk every day, for all – men, women, older and younger generations,” she added.

Roll out of nationwide campaign

We revealed the relaunch in a nationwide campaign earlier this year with the new slogan, “Keep thirst/desire within you!” to encourage everyone to believe in themselves, try new things, exceed their limits, while also keeping well hydrated.

As part of the relaunch, we rolled out our advertising campaign on television, social media, cinema and video, focusing on people with different passions, such as dance and music.

We also introduced new smaller mineral water formats, including 0.33l non-carbonated water, 0.5l gently sparkling water and a 0.5l four-pack of still water to meet people’s different needs and tastes throughout the day.

Encouraging people to drink water

Our brand’s new look is part of our larger commitment to inspire people to choose water to lead healthier lives.

We aim to highlight the importance of drinking water and keeping well hydrated through such activities like the Nałęczowianka relaunch, and by joining nationwide programmes, like ‘I Choose Water’.

The programme, led by Polish Dietetary Association and the Institute of Health and Dietotherapy Promotion, seeks to actively encourage people in Poland to drink enough water, from pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to children and students, and the elderly to people taking part in sports.