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São Lourenço water celebrates 125 years with a new visual identity

Sao Lourenço water celebrates 125 years with a new visual identity

São Lourenço mineral water, known as "Água da Boa Mesa" (fine- gourmet quality water), celebrates 125 years with important news. After listening to opinions from consumers and customers, the brand gets a new visual identity. Since June 2015, the product portfolio, which includes 300 ml, 510 ml and 1.26 l bottles, has adopted a new label and a more elegant look.

The purpose of this change is to facilitate the product identification at POS's and restaurants, since the sparkling range has a darker shade of green to differentiate it from the still version. The Boa Mesa label is also part of the new design to highlight the smooth texture of S.Lourenço and its ability to fully wash the palate, which makes it ideal to accompany meals and wine tastings.S. Lourenço water celebrates 125 years with a new visual identity

Other initiatives are also part of the celebration of 125 years of São Lourenço. Amongst them, activities will happen in the city of São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, where the company performs an important work of environmental preservation at Parque das Águas, one of the most famous tourist attractions of southern Minas Gerais, under Nestlé Waters' management since 1992. Two permanent murals from the urban artist Eduardo Kobra were installed there. One of them shows an old photo of the Park. In the other one, the graffiti artist encourages the visitor to reflect on conscious water consumption with his traces and vibrant colors.

During the second semester, the brand will launch of a series of offline ads in the Southeast region. Created by Publicis, the marketing pieces will strengthen the brand's history and its close relationship with gastronomy, presenting the product with five different recipes and very unique stories to be told.

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