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S.Pellegrino celebrates 'The Journey of Water' with a first ever design project

With a series of three spectacular special labels created by three international design talents, S.Pellegrino, the iconic Italian mineral water, brings unique pieces of design to the most refined tables of the world.

spellegrino bottles

For millions of diners around the world, no table at a fine dining restaurant is complete without a bottle of S.Pellegrino. The sparkling mineral water embodies only the best of Italian cuisine, and its iconic bottle symbolises the Italian way of life. Therefore, after a prestigious line of limited editions recognizing Italian talent and style, S.Pellegrino is going back to its origins to celebrate the incredible thirty-year journey that its water undertakes and presented a first ever design project: a new awaited Special Edition bottle, that will celebrate S.Pellegrino water through the eyes of international designers.

This ambitious project is coordinated by the Italian Architect Giulio Cappellini renowned as a talent scout and Art Director of Cappellini, who selected the artists coming from three different continents, each of whom has conceived a different label. All of them together tell the story of S.Pellegrino water through their own vision and personal interpretation of the iconic brand.

cappellini holding spellegrino

Three designs to illustrate 'The Journey of Water'

Giulio Cappellini, who was recently selected by Time magazine as one of the ten global trendsetters in the field of fashion and design and as ambassador of excellence of Italian design worldwide, has selected three contemporary designers:

neri and husteven haulenbeekphilippe nigro                    Neri&Hu                                        Steven Haulenbeek                          Philippe Nigro
                   from China                                 from the United States                       from France

S.Pellegrino water starts its journey in the clouds, where it condensates and falls as rain; it then filters slowly through the earth, where it absorbs its rich mineral content; and finally the water rises to the surface as springs and acquires its bubbles.

spellegrino special design edition bottles

san pellegrino bottle with clouds design


- Taking the topic of Clouds, Neri&Hu, a Shanghai-based interdisciplinary design partnership consisting of Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, use dots for their creation, suggesting water molecules. The image represents the evaporation, condensation and precipitation of water.

san pellegrino bottle with earth design


- For the American designer Steven Haulenbeek, who works in Chicago, the theme of Earth inspired a pyramid form to symbolise the thirty long years that the rainwater takes to pass through the rocks.

san pellegrino bottle with bubbles design


- French-born designer Philippe Nigro, who divides his time between France and Italy, interpreted Bubbles by showing a dynamic display of fizzy circles representing the sparkling bubbles that make S.Pellegrino such a distinctive and popular mineral water.


Other design events

Following the launch at the Milan Design Week, the S.Pellegrino Design Special Edition will be a focal point of other key events in the world of design later in the year. When the bottles are progressively rolled out in restaurants, all three labels’ designs will be used in equal quantities and the bottles will be dispatched randomly in mixed cases.

Not for the first time...

sanpellegrino missonisanpellegrino bvlgarisanpellegrino pavarottisanpellegrino vogue

  • In 2010, the Missoni fashion house was the first to be featured
  • In 2011, Bulgari, the Italian jeweller, was given pride of place
  • In 2013, the great Italian tenor, Luciano Pavarotti, was in the spotlight
  • In 2014, a special edition depicted the magazine Vogue Italia, an ambassador of the Italian art of living

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