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An innovative plant opens in Castrocielo, Italy

The Sanpellegrino Group has inaugurated today its new mineral water bottling plant for Nestlé Vera Naturea located in the heart of central Italy. This industrial project, worth €16 million, stands out for its extremely innovative approach, which is "a proof of excellence not only in the entire Italian scenario, but also at an international level thanks to innovative technologies, which make it Nestlé Waters’ best site in the optimization of the consumption of water per bottled liter" said Marco Settembri, CEO of Nestlé Waters. This is definitely a new model for future development of the entire mineral water industry, with a potential of production of 220 million liters of water during the first year. 

The Nestlé Vera Naturae factory is a real “smart factory,” specifically designed to be perfectly integrated into the territory and contributes to the creation of shared value for the entire territory at all levels, through continuous cooperation with local institutions. In facts, it offers “best in class” performances, especially to energy savings. Thanks to the use of energy derived exclusively from renewable sources, the level of CO2 emissions is equal to zero. Thus, with its ultramodern PET line the factory based in Castrocielo is the most outstanding site, among Nestlé Waters’ plants, in the optimization of water consumption. Any waste materials are separately collected and subsequently recycled. Every type of packaging used is 100% recyclable. Moreover, 95% of Nestlé Vera Naturae distribution happens with full track load and direct deliveries, while indirect deliveries are only occurring within 200km.


Finally, this promising initiative embodies the first important project to wich the group has guaranteed its support, with the collaboration of the University of Salento and the municipality of Castrocielo, is the recovery of the archeological site of Aquinum, a true symbol for the territory, and an opportunity for tourism promotion.

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