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Buxton® launches a new refreshing pick-me-up

Nestlé Waters is breaking new ground with PLANT + WATER, the new plant polyphenol infused water
PLANT + WATER by Buxton

BUXTON® has launched PLANT + WATER, a new refreshing water-based pick-me-up, perfect for the summer days. It was created with a blend of fresh spring water, distinctive fruit and herb flavours and magnesium, giving it a great taste in every drop.

A truly unique drink with polyphenols extracted from raw green coffee beans, BUXTON® has cleverly combined fresh spring water, natural fruit and herb flavours, lemon juice and a hint of magnesium, added to give consumers a gentle uplift throughout the day. PLANT + WATER by BUXTON® is available in three refreshing flavour combinations; Lemon, Lime & Sage, Pomegranate & Basil and Blood Orange & Rosemary.

At the core of Nestlé Waters’ expertise is a constant drive for innovation and new ways to inspire consumers. PLANT + WATER by BUXTON® is the result of strong commitments from the brand to innovate, explore the power of plants, follow consumer trends and use natural ingredients to create a truly nutritious and refreshing drink. These newcomers also expand Nestlé Waters’ range of water-based products with added natural benefits.

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