São Lourenço creates a “green Christmas” for its 125 years

All press releasesDec 17, 2015

São Lourenço mineral water celebrates 125 years with a "Green Christmas"

Using only recyclable materials, the city decorations will be produced by local artisans

São Lourenço (MG), October 2015 – In the year that celebrates 125 years, São Lourenço mineral water prepares the city for an unforgettable Christmas. Partnering with the Municipality, the brand will bring a Sustainable Christmas to residents and tourists. The initiative will bring color to Parque das Águas, the João Lage Square and the boardwalk using 25.000 PET bottles in a special decoration, produced by local artisans.

To make the decorations, which include a Christmas tree, a Christmas crib, garlands and suspended installations, Nestlé Waters worked with the NGO Asta, which supports the production of design objects with a focus on income generation, especially for female empowerment. The entity selected 13 local artisans, who have been trained to produce the decorations. With this activity, they will learn new techniques and will have the opportunity to increase their income. The pieces will be produced at Parque das Águas, and the visitors will be able to see the work in progress. The assembly, which will start during the week of November 23rd, will be made by volunteers.

The attraction is being widely promoted by the brand as a way to encourage tourism in the city and to promote the destination as an option for the end-of-year holidays. Also as part of the anniversary celebration, the São Lourenço water labels were redesigned, and they now promote the web site www.aguasaolourenco.com.br as a way of contributing to the dissemination of information about the city's attractions.

Parque das Águas is the home of nine mineral water springs, including Fonte Oriente. That is the origin of the pure, crystalline and naturally carbonated S.Lourenço water, which is bottled since 1890 and marketed throughout the country by Nestlé Waters since 1992. The park has several natural attractions, such as the classic style Balneário that offers baths and massage therapies.

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