Raising awareness on a good hydration with the hydration@school programme

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The new school year has arrived and all is set for an educational campaign to raise awareness on the importance of good hydration
www.hydrationatschool.it offers all the help needed to develop the programme in schools plus videos, games and tests that teach good hydration to pupils, teachers and families

Milan, October 2015 – Because good habits should be learnt at a young age, as well as traditional subjects, schools can offer the chance to learn good habits for daily life. This is the thought behind the Hydration@school educational campaign (www.hydrationatschool.it) developed by Food Education Italy (Fondazione Italiana per l’Educazione Alimentare a scuola) and promoted by the Sanpellegrino Group. Hydration@school is a nationwide teaching project for Italian primary schools that raises pupils, teachers and family awareness on the importance of good hydration in personal, mental and physical wellness.

Today’s many dietary education programmes for young children speak of wellness and health, focusing on the properties of food and proposing various diets, but they rarely draw attention to drinking water and the crucial need to keep the body well hydrated.

We are 70% water, and 2% dehydration can impact negatively on our ability to concentrate and on school performance; a 5% water loss from our weight can have negative effects on physical performance. This is just some of the useful information in the material provided by Hydration@school, a vademecum on how to ensure body and mind have all the benefits of good hydration.

The programme contains leaflets with a modern and fun graphic design, tutorial videos featuring cartoons and real actors, plus numerous games targeted for different ages, so that everyone can enthusiastically join in the lessons and take the test to see whether they really know about the water they drink every day.

Now in its second year, the programme can be developed throughout the 2015-2016 school year. The campaign revolves around www.hydrationatschool.it which contains everything needed for its application in schools and it’s a place of interaction for programme participants. Teachers can also apply online for a free educational kit comprising a Mini-Guide to help them organize classroom lessons, 22 HydroBooks with information and games for students and families, plus an educational-infographic poster to hang up in the classroom.

So, parents should not be surprised if, when asked what their favourite subject is, their children say “hydration”.

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