Nestlé Pure Life supports the nationwide educational campaign “I Choose Water”

All press releasesOct 20, 2015

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The Nestlé Pure Life brand, from Nestlé Waters portfolio, has engaged in the nationwide programme “I Choose Water”, organized by Polish Dietetary Association (PTD) the Institute of Health and Dietotherapy Promotion. A marketing campaign informing about the cooperation within the framework of “I Choose Water” programme, is launched.

On September 23, 2015, during a press conference organized at Villa Foksal restaurant in Warsaw, the nationwide educational campaign titled “I Choose Water” was initiated.The project is a joint initiative of Polish Dietetary Association and the Institute of Health and Dietotherapy Promotion. The educational activities included in the programme will aim at drawing a special attention to the role of water for maintaining health and proper hydration of organism, simultaneously emphasizing the benefits resulting from drinking both bottled and tap water. The need to protect natural water resources, rational water management and encouraging to its saving will be also one of the project’s tasks. The partners of “I Choose Water” programme are the manufacturers of bottled water, tap water, local government institutions and scientific centres connected with human hydration, environmental protection and water resources. Justyna Steczkowska – a singer, mother of three children and a promoter of healthy diet and lifestyle, became an official Ambassador of the programme.

“I accepted the proposal submitted by the organizers of “I Choose Water” programmeand became its ambassador with proud. The values promoted by this programme areclose to me and I have been passing them to our children for a long time. Observing the increasing index of obesity in our society, I consider that building of proper nutritional habits among Polish people at any age as well as informing them how important component of our everyday nutrition is water – the source of life and main component of human organism, are especially important. Everyone should drink 2 litres of water a day to ensure a proper functioning of organism. Therefore I try to make my children aware that water and balanced diet play a very important role in our life. I teach them love to water and I regret that 15 years ago, when our youngest son was little, we had no such knowledge on this subject. I support the programme “I Choose Water” with all my heart, because I choose it myself every day!” – said Steczkowska at the conference initiating the programme.

The Nestlé Pure Life brand is the first Polish brand of bottled water which became an official partner of the project.

Healthy family hydration is included in the vision of Nestlé Waters. That is why we proudly support the action “I Choose Water.” We put a particular emphasis on education and we help parents to understand the benefits from a healthy lifestyle. Regular drinking of water is a natural and healthy manner of maintaining a proper water balance in our organism. In spite of that, many people choose sweetened beverages, and along with them needles calories, instead of a glass of plain water. Drinking water regularly, parents indicate a healthy custom to their children, forming appropriately their habits. It is a great satisfaction to observe how children grow loving water and knowing that it quench thirst the best and that drinking of it is one of the quickest and simplest ways to stay healthy. Being a part of “I Choose Water” programme, we invite all to pass love of water to next generations said Tomasz Rasztawicki, the President of Nestlé Waters.

Information on engagement of Nestlé Pure Life brand in the “I Choose Water” action will appear in new advertising campaign of the brand. The actions will include the brand’s presence in television, nationwide press and Internet. Moreover, the manufacturer will prepare the materials which will appear in shops, including dedicated packaging informing about the action.

The creations within the framework of this campaign were prepared by Publicis agency and Orka studio is responsible for the production of TV spot. On-line activities were planned by 121 PR agencies, while the preparation of merchandising actions was entrusted to Spring Creative Group. Media were purchased by MEC media house. The actions in the scope of media relations for Nestlé Pure Life brand are conducted by TBWA PR.

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