Naples and the SanPellegrino group celebrate the champions of the R-Generation

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Milan, Italy, May 14, 2015 –The “Istituto Comprensivo 71° Aganoor Marconi” primary school has won the third edition of the ‘Raccogli la plastica, semina il futuro’ (Collect plastic, sow the future) travelling educational campaign for the city of Naples, promoted by the Sanpellegrino Group in cooperation with ASIA Napoli, the urban hygiene company in charge of the city’s waste collection, andwith the support of the City of Naples.

This ‘virtuous’ school from the Campania region managed to collect 1,104 kg of PET – beating the national record – and at an award ceremony attended by representatives of the City, Sanpellegrino Group and ASIA Napoli, it received a very useful prize for its educational activity in the shape of an interactive multimedia blackboard.

During the third edition of the educational campaign, which was aimed at new generations and involved the participation of primary schools from Naples, Milan and Turin, the Sanpellegrino Group renewed its invitation to children to compete in the collection of PET, which is 100% recyclable

This year the project saw 108 primary schools from the Campania, Lombardy and Piedmont regions participate. The pupils collected more than 1.5 million plastic bottles between October and December 2014, which made a total of approximately 41 tons of PET collected by the schools from the 3 cities involved.

To provide a better idea of just how remarkable the collection figures of this third edition are, it would be possible to produce 60,000 fleece blankets or 50,000 fleece sweaters with the plastic collected this year.

“We’re convinced that an education based on the respect and protection of our planet must be promoted especially to children, the generation of the future. We believed in the potential of this project and we are extremely proud of the results achieved” - says Stefano Agostini, President and CEO of the Sanpellegrino Group. “Enthusiasm, curiosity and a desire to learn are the key ingredients of this additional step that our Group has undertaken in educating children to respect the environment. More specifically, through this initiative the children were able to learn about the potential of PET, a 100% recyclable material that must be seen as a resource rather than simple waste.”

The project ‘Raccogli la plastica, semina il futuro’ was created with the aim of raising awareness among primary school children in Italy about the correct management of the recycling of PET, paving the way for the R-Generation, the recycling generation respectful of the environment and committed to a sustainable future.

“The widespread use of separate collection for recyclable materials is undoubtedly the key instrument in promoting a process of improving the life of every person, and overcoming individualistic approaches to social problems of economic growth in a context of sustainable development and respect for the environment in general”” – declares Raffaele Del Giudice, Chief Executive of ASIA Napoli S.p.A.“Projects such as ‘Raccogli la Plastica, Semina il Futuro’ are capable of enhancing all the environmental educational paths aimed at the direct involvement of schools, who have the strategic task of conveying to Neapolitan families the promotional message of waste recycling thanks to the good example set by the young pupils of Naples. These educational campaigns allow the new generations to have ownership of the basic principles of waste recycling and recoverability.”

Raccogli la plastica, semina il futuro’ is a prime example of the educational activities that Sanpellegrino have promoted to the new generations for several years, including WET (Water Education for Children), an international project created to educate children about conscious consumption of WATER.

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