Mark Moriarty from Ireland is the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015

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He reached the glory emerging at the end of a thrilling competition among 20 of the most talented chefs from all overthe world.

The combo Maria José Jordan-Paula Cademartori, representing Latin America, won the two Best Chef-Designer awards.

Xiao Li, from China, was awarded by Vogue Italia as Best Designer.

June 27th 2015 – It all started in Fall 2014, with more than 3.000 young chefs submitting their applications together with their signature dishes on

Yesterday night in Milan, after an exciting full day of competition and a Grand Final event, Irish young chef Mark Moriarty representing UK & Ireland area, has been awarded as the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015. He reached the top with his Celeriac baked in barley and fermented hay, cured and smoked celeriac, hazelnut, celeriac and toasted hay tea also thanks to the support of mentor chef Clare Smyth, who has been at his side as guide and advisor.

He emerged among twenty finalists, the world’s most talented young chefs, coming from different areas of the globe after a long and hard selection process.

On the stage with him, Peruvian Maria José Jordan representing Latin America, second in the list with her recipe Immortal Technique: Citrus, Rosemary, Gin, followed by Norwegian Christian André Pettersen, representing Scandinavia, with his recipe East meets West.

“I’m excited about this award. I’m also delighted of having been here these days with such wonderful people. It’s great for UK & Ireland, and in particular for Ireland, to have gained this title of S.Pellegrino Young Chef. I want to thank my mentor chef Clare Smyth for the huge support and precious suggestions she gave me” said young chef Mark.

Mark Moriarty has been elected by an extraordinary jury of seven famous international chefs, also called the Seven Sages: Gastón Acurio, Yannick Alléno, Massimo Bottura, Margot Janse, Yoshihiro Narisawa, Joan Roca and Grant Achatz.

In this extraordinary experience, S.Pellegrino had at its side a partner like ALMA, the International School of Italian Cuisine, the world’s leading educational and training center for Italian Hospitality (, that selected the first 10 finalists for each region. Then, during the final phase in Milan, ALMA supported the young chefs and the organization with 25 Trainees, 3 Executive Chef and some of its most notable teachers, chef Giovanni Ciresa, Matteo Berti, Cristian Broglia, Piero Di Turi.

“ALMA is honored to be part of this international event that makes Milan the food & design capital – says Andrea Sinigaglia, ALMA general manager - two italian excellence that are in our school's DNA and that will mark the professional path of these young Chefs. The selection experience was amazing and involved more than 20 ALMA chefs, the organization of everything (ingredients and equipement) has been a great challenge, consistent with ALMA mission and with Expo 2015 aim”.

Thanks to the partnership with Vogue Italia, S.Pellegrino’s ally in its continuos effort to scouting and promoting talents, other important prizes have been awarded. Right before the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 proclamation, two prizes for the Best Chef-Designer couple have been assigned.

Vogue Italia matched each young chef with an emerging designer, selected through an international scouting. These designers ideated a fashion creation inspired by their partner’s signature dish, thus giving birth to an unprecedented fusion between fine food and style

The combo Maria José Jordan-Paula Cademartori have been elected thanks to the votes of all the guests attending the event, a parterre de rois made of vips, influencers, chefs, and international journalists. Maria Jose and Paula also won the other couple award, assigned by the web community via, the online edition of the highly renowned and influential magazine, where all the Chefs and Designers creations have been published, enabling food and fashion lovers from around the world to vote their favourite.

Last but not least, Vogue Italia elected the Best Designer, voted by a jury led by Franca Sozzani, Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, Editorial Director of Condé Nast Italia, Global Ambassador against Hunger for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), and composed by some of the Italian most influencial names in the field of fashion and design, like Massimo Giorgetti, Ennio Capasa, Alberta Ferretti, Sara Maino, Marlene Taschen, Giò Marconi.

During her speech, Franca Sozzani also announced that the collaboration with S.Pellegrino has been the occasion to to carry out a project to support the World Food Programmme. “We are really greateful to Franca Sozzani and S.Pellegrino for their efforts in figthing together against global hunger” declared Adele Rossetti, Director General of WFP Italia, after the announcement of the donation to WFP. “Their contribution will have a concrete impact on the life of those women - mothers, farmers, teachers and entrepreneurs - that hold the keys for a better future for themselves and their families. Women may be victims of hunger but they are also the most effective solution to combating and preventing it. Support from friends like S.Pellegrino e and Franca Sozzani is then absolutely crucial for WFP’s commitment to promote women’s empowerment.”, the online magazine for food enthusiasts proudly endorsed by S.Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, provided and will continue to provide foodies exclusive contents about the project, with interviews, signature dishes and other information concerning the young chefs, the fashion designers and the Grand Final in Milan.

Here are the names of the awards winners:

• S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015: Mark Moriarty representing UK & Ireland
• Best Chef-Designer couple: Maria José Jordan-Paula Cademartori, representing Latin America
• Best Chef-Designer couple WEB: Maria José Jordan-Paula Cademartori, representing Latin America
• Best Designer: Xiao Li, from China

Special thanks to: Cantine Ferrari, Electrolux, Giblor’s, Mauviel 1830, Nespresso.
Credits: Alessandro Rosso Group, Filmmaster Events, YAM112003, Ketchum.


FIRST PHASE: ONLINE APPLICATION - November 2014 - December 31st
All the young chefs of the world can submit their application together with their signature dish on The chefs have to be no older then 30 and working as a professionist in a restaurant as chef or sous chef or chef de partie since at least 1 year. All the requirements are explained on the website.

SECOND PHASE: GLOBAL SHORTLIST - December 16th - January 15th
All the candidates are divided according to the geographic area they are from, there are 20 regions*. Then ALMA, the world’s leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine (, selects through the online applications the first 10 finalists for each region according to five Golden Rules: ingredients, skills, genius, beauty, message.

1. INGREDIENTS: Successfully selecting the best of what the market has to offer with regards to quality, freshness and uniqueness.
2. SKILLS: Successfully handling and transforming raw materials into a finished dish that respects its original essence.
3. GENIUS: Successfully exploring inedite, inspiring, unespected prospects/outlooks, connected with fine dining culture with a personal and contemporary style, while maintaining a perfect balance of tastes and shapes.
4. BEAUTY: Dish presentation is part of the charm.
5. MESSAGE: Successfully communicating a clear message through work and personal vision.

THIRD PHASE: LOCAL CHALLENGES - January 16th - April 30th
January 16th - February 28th, the 10 finalists of each area have to compete during a local event: each region has a jury composed by at least independent famous chefs or representatives of the contemporary local gastronomy that taste the signature dishes of the finalists and choose the best one, always according to the 5 Golden Rules. By the end of February the 20 best young chefs from all the regions of the initiative are announced.
March 1st - March 31st , Vogue Italia select 20 emerging young designers: each of them is associated to one of the best chefs and has to interpret the signature dish with a fashion creation.
April 1st - April 30th, Vogue Italia provides each designer with details about his\her partner chef (bio, signature dish…) so that the designer will interpret the chef’s signature dish with a creation of his/her own. Both the signature dish and fashion creation are presented at the final event.

In June in Milan, S.Pellegrino together with Vogue Italia will host the final event to celebrate the best young chefs and designers who have competed. An international jury of seven famous chefs will award the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2015 and the editorial staff of Vogue Italia will choose the most talented designer. Two Best Couple Chef-Designers 2015 awards will also be assigned: one by the vote of all the guests attending the event, the other by the votes of all the food and fashion enthusiasts around the world via

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