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Hydration: as part of a healthy lifestyle

Health benefits of water

Nestlé Waters’ involvement for hydration

Health is of vital importance. As such, it has long been a central concern for us at Nestlé Waters. It is a source of pride for us that our water products contribute to good health, and have a positive impact on society. Each of our bottled water brands can be distinguished by its intrinsic characteristics, offering consumers a choice of origin, process, mineral composition, taste and, in few cases, specific health benefits.

water and health

Water essential to life as part of a healthy lifestyle

The first step towards good health is a healthy lifestyle. As water is the essential element for life, we think it deserves special attention. At Nestlé Waters, we believe that if you want to look after your health what you drink is every bit as important as what you eat.

Aware that access to, high-quality water is of vital importance to everyone, around the world, we have taken this to heart. At Nestlé Waters, we seek to offer waters that will delight our customers in every country where we are present.


Our daily hydration needs

Everyone knows that we have to drink water every day, but how can we be sure we are drinking enough?

Nestlé Waters invites you to read all about the critical role of water in the body. You can also learn about the importance of daily hydration for those suffering from diabetes or obesity.

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