Our functions

Driving functional excellence requires the implication and commitment of talented and skilled managers at all levels with specific expertise required to succeed in key functions at Nestlé Waters. It also implies a perfect coordination with Nestlé functional communities.

Our success depends on our employees. They bring their expertise and know-how and their ambition and commitment drives them to developing new skills continuously contributing to our organisation’s growth. Get a feel for their commitment and you’ll want to be part of the teams that drive Nestlé Waters’ function excellence!

 While the company contributes the top-line business strategy and sets in place the processes and resources for achieving them, we rely on the expertise and ingenuity of our people to bring the business to life. Their contribution, commitment, mindset and engagement fuel the entrepreneurial spirit that you will find in all our operations worldwide. They are truly our N°1 Asset. 
  •   Human Resources
    photo Santiago Lazarus

    Santiago Lazarus
    HR Manager, Nestlé Waters Eco de Los Andes, Argentina

    “ One of the things that makes my job an everyday challenge is to promote our Employer Brand. Since 2005, Argentina’s labor market is experiencing a “Talent War” and in this context, we must focus heavily on recruiting and retaining the best Talent. I joined Nestlé Waters in 2005 for the things that you usually take into consideration when you decide to change companies, such as “The Company Image”, an appropriate package and the perception of the kind of people who make up the organization. 4 years down the road, and in retrospect, I see that there were at least 2 reasons I didn’t take into consideration which I feel very personally and tell people about when they join our company: Nestlé Waters is a company which is focused on people and has strong values. I believe that this resumes what Nestlé Waters is and this is the basis on which we will continue to attract talent. ”

    Human Resources

    Human Resources help drive high performance throughout Nestlé Waters by supporting and facilitating individuals, teams, and business processes.

    Our approach is to develop every employee to perform at their highest levels, linking company objectives and individuals’ career goals. We believe in the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our people, so we work to set the stage for employees to take the lead on their own development.  Employees and their managers work together to map out their own individualized development paths.  The goal is simply to find the links between individual capability and motivation and the objectives of the company.

    In the countries where we do business, Human Resources business partners play a key role in the organisation as they work alongside our leaders in the development and implementation of strategies and programs responding to the needs of our business and our people. They provide expertise and support to our leaders across a range of management decisions and processes.

    Human Resources also plays a vital role as advocates for the principles and culture of the Nestlé Group.  As our Human Resources managers define organisational structures and implement management processes, they reinforce the company’s  values across all our operations.

    photo Florian Wessa

    Hélène Moncorger-Pilicer
    Head of International Control, Nestlé Waters Head Office

    “ After 4 years at Price Waterhouse, and 5 years at Apple Computer, I joined the Perrier Group in 1991 with the objective of spending only 4 to 5 years before moving somewhere else. Over 20 years later, I’m still in the Group with a deep passion for the healthiest category in the Nestlé Group, WATER! I am emotionally linked to our brands and this, I am sure, has contributed to developing the strong sense of pride I feel in belonging to Nestlé Waters.

    Nestlé is for me an outstanding performing company, steadily delivering great results, and at the same time being able to care about its people and to entirely fulfil, within a well defined long term vision, its Corporate Social Responsibilities in order to create shared value.

    I fully share the spirit, the principles, and the objectives of the company. Nestlé Waters is fully part of this journey and it is a place where, as a woman, I have always been given the opportunity to grow, to have fun, to learn, to get inspired and to contribute.

    Long life to and in Nestlé and Nestlé Waters ! ”


    Our Finance teams enjoy the excitement of working in a highly competitive market and supporting a truly global company. They belong to the Nestlé F&C community and they share its commonly recognized professional expertise and "savoir faire” . They are our business partners. They drive the long term strategy process and the monthly dynamic forecast process. They contribute to help us identify and seize opportunities, set aggressive goals and deliver them. They partner with the company’s top executive managers, provide an independent and objective global economic vision of the business, alert them of potential risks towards achieving the targets and propose corrective mitigation actions. They also contribute to improve process efficiency.
    On the corporate level, they deal with challenges that cross brands, businesses and geographical regions, contributing to the achievement of the company’s strategy and objectives.
    At the country level, our financial people operate in very diverse markets -from emerging countries to mature markets- and in varied business models -100% owned subsidiaries, joint ventures or integrated business units.
    Our finance people also work in a large variety of functions –industrial, sales, supply chain, etc.- and in different sales channels –modern and traditional trade, Out-Of-Home, Home & Office.

    As for our auditors, they assist the company’s executive managers around the world in the fulfillment of their responsibilities by serving as independent and objective assessors. They help improve operations and manage risk, working hand in hand with the executive teams.

  •   Research and Development
    photo Angela Grilenzoni

    Jean-François BRIOIS
    Packaging Materials & Sustainability Group Leader Nestlé Waters Headquarters

    “ I really enjoy managing a team which has the vocation of evaluating the environmental footprint of our business and finding levers to reduce it through the development of bio-sourced and recyclable materials. It's more than a professional responsibility, it's an ethical one that reflects my personal aspirations. Joining Nestlé Waters Product Technology Center has given me the international dimension that I was looking for. We are in constant relations with the R&D centers of Nestlé worldwide, be it with China, Brasil, Italy or the USA. I have daily contact with people in our operations from Buenos Aires to Shanghai!

    My work environment is really unique. I have a no-limits network, colleagues whose competences are best-in-class worldwide. Working with them gives me the sense of belonging to a big family in which we share the same values. There are endless possibilities of personal and professional progress thanks to tools and training available. For me, this is the best recipe for fostering self development! ”

    Research & Development

    Our R&D experts are one of the reasons behind our position as leader: they deliver a continuous stream of creativity, innovating and renovating products, processes and technologies with high sustainability and added value.
    Innovation has always been the vital engine of our growth. This is especially true for our brands and products, for which Nestlé Waters regularly introduces new varieties and formats to meet consumers’ changing needs.
    Recognized as some of the world’s best in the beverage sector, Nestlé Waters’ Research & Development teams bring new ideas to life. Most of these experts and researchers –nutritionists, hydro-geologists, biochemists, microbiologists, experts in PET plastics chemistry- are assembled at the company’s Product Technology Centre located in the East of France, close to the Vittel and Contrex bottled water factories.
    These specialists focus primarily, but not solely, on innovation. A large portion of our research and development is also devoted to renovating existing products and contributing to decreasing our carbon footprint throughout lightweight packaging.

    The company’s R&D leads research in many different areas: water-based beverages, packaging materials and their sustainability, optimisation of industrial processes, technical assistance, quality assurance, product safety, energy consumption, etc. In fact, our researchers and scientists have created some of the most significant innovations ever launched in the bottled water industry, like the ½ liter Eco-Shape bottle for North America, which is the lightest branded beverage bottle on the market.

  •   Safety
    photo Rick Ives

    Damien Leclercq
    NW MT Group Safety Health & Operational Risk Officer, Nestlé Waters Headquarters

    “ Nestlé Waters is a fantastic company, where you can really make an impression and change things. Over the past couple of years, we really have improved our Health and Safety performance which shows a full commitment from everyone. Colleagues here are very open and want to learn and to progress. They listen, try and apply!

    Also I believe that, we truly regard our people as our most valuable asset and this places the highest priority on protecting them and making sure they are safe in the workplace. In the pursuit of being best-in-class in Safety and developing our Culture in Continuous Improvement, we review and reinforce regularly our Safety Health & Operational Risk expertise to support our business operations and markets.

    And our employees engagement at all levels will continue to make the difference as we grow strong Safety Leadership and Behaviour throughout the organization and fully integrate Safety as part of all ouroperational and strategic processes.

    Nestlé is a human company, it is a "big family" where the employee is put at the heart of everything. Ourbig advantage is the commitment and pride in working at Nestlé: as a company, as brands and as part ofour daily lives. ”


    Our technical teams based in over 100 factories worldwide play a key role in building our business, ensuring that the safety of people and products as well as environmental responsibility are absolute priorities. 

    Whether they run production lines or work in maintenance, sanitation, quality assurance or any other department, our technical specialists are constantly engaged in the ongoing quest to minimize the environmental impact of our company’s operations, studying and implementing ways of reducing energy and water consumption for product manufacturing.
    Our investments in production and performance are a substantial portion of our NPS and our employees’ commitment to our company’s success is demonstrated in the key role they have in optimising these investments while ensuring the safety of our people and the quality of our products.

  •   Water Resources
    photo Ronan LeFanic

    Ronan LeFanic
    Corporate Hydrogeologist, Nestlé Waters M.T. Vittel, France

    “ Water Resources are strategic for a bottled water company. Nestlé Waters implements a continuous hydro-geological monitoring on each water source. Moreover, some specific actions (promotion of good agricultural practices, support of local community for water access, bio-monitoring…) are developed to protect the recharge areas and ensure that our activity is environmentally-friendly and sustainable over the long-term. Dealing with a such variability of geological and social contexts is really exciting.”

    Water Resources

    As the world’s leading bottled water company, Nestle Waters wants to serve as the model in the management of water resources, the raw material upon which our very existence is based. This means managing each spring for sustainability. Natural Resource Managers play a crucial role in this commitment. Experienced in geology and hydrogeology, these experts continually protect and monitor our springs (water quality, condition of the aquifer, wetlands, stream flows, aquatic life, etc.). They manage thousands of acres around our spring sources, providing watershed protection. They also work with third parties to encourage more environmentally-friendly farming practices and to promote conservation and access to water

  •   Marketing Sales
    photo Federica Norzi

    Larissa Hrabec
    Larissa Hrabec, Marketing Manager – Home & Office Division – Nestlé Waters North America

    “ Nestlé Waters has always been an entrepreneurial culture and placed importance on the personal responsibility of the employee. This is what makes working at Waters so unique. You are given the flexibility to learn and grow quickly, while still having the ability to leverage the resources and support from the larger Nestlé group. “

    photo Federica Norzi

    Chiara Mostardini
    Global Sales Account Manager, Nestlé Waters Head Office

    “ Working in Sales and being part of the world’s leading bottled water company is a question of choice based on passion and curiosity.

    Passion and desire that goes into everything I do. This is demonstrated in the efforts to understand our customers’ expectations and serve their needs, always providing them with a high quality service level and the high quality of our brands. Nowadays business and market situations are binding and challenging. It’s therefore important to be open minded and to learn more from the environment. You need to have the courage to take decisions that can change the results of the Group and the people who work in all our functions (factories, customer service, marketing..). Furthermore, working in a multinational and cultural environment allows me to be myself. I enjoy working collaboratively with others when we endeavour to come up with new ideas and solutions in our quest to operate more efficiently and achieve the company results.

    And this is part of my daily work: to convince our customers of my ideas, projects and actions that will contribute to achieving the company's goals. I am very proud of being part of this company! “

    Marketing & Sales

    Our Ambition? To be the world’s leading healthy hydration company!
    Our Mission? To elaborate and drive winning business strategies for our key categories, brands and customers worldwide and develop a strong innovation pipeline for our future growth!
    Our People?
    Do you want to be part of our success around the world and work with great brands like Nestlé Pure Life, Perrier, S.Pellegrino, Poland Springs, Erikli or Eco de los Andes...?
    Whether you are a University graduate, a specialized professional, or an experienced manager, you can have an exciting career in Marketing & Sales at Nestlé Waters! People who work in our Marketing & Sales teams around the world must have the ability to face challenges with courage and flexibility. We employ creative people who are focused on results, and have a passion for the pace and competitiveness of the terrain on which they operate. They must possess both specific technical skills and personal characteristics such as strategic and future-oriented thinkers and possess an entrepreneurial spirit but also be proactive within a team.
    Last, but certainly not least, we look for people with an international mindset and who wish to evolve in a multi-cultural environment where their adaptability to other cultures will take them over and beyond frontiers.

  •   Supply chain Procurement
    photo Yanira Adade

    Yanira Adade
    High Performing Team Member, NW Germany

    “A multicultural Company … what else?”

    Matteo Canti
    Head of Procurement, Nestlé Waters Head Office

    “We work every day on being successful. To do so we commit ourselves to exploring the most innovative tools and processes, sharing them with our suppliers and customers and bringing value to the entire enlarged Supply Chain and Procurement”

    Supply Chain

    • Our mission is to be a preferred supplier for service reliability, agility and process innovation while optimizing all company resources and assets and

    • while having sustainability always at the centre of each our decision.

    An efficient supply chain relies on talented and passionate people with strong management skills and key competencies either demand and supply planning, transportation, warehousing, customer service, customer management and purchasing.