Lifelong Learning

Nestlé Waters offers this development in three broad domains:
 education-based programs
 relationship-based learning
 experience-based development


The first domain includes traditional modes of learning such as classroom training. Nestlé Waters offers a range of training programs in core skills, functional capabilities, and management & leadership development. In line with the specific need, we offer our training through multiple media, from e-learning courses that can be taken at one’s desk, to leadership programs at the Nestlé international training centre in Switzerland.

The second area structures learning around people who have specific knowledge and skill. Mentoring, coaching, and job shadowing are some of the most common examples at Nestlé Waters.

The final area is the most powerful and includes the widest array of possibilities. On one end of the spectrum, it is common to structure the development of key skills by assigning someone to manage a local project or task force. This is often a step towards a first true managerial position. At the other end of the range, many Nestlé employees are given the opportunity to move out of their home country and take an expatriate assignment for 3 to 5 years. This is a considerable investment on the part of the company, so it involves careful selection and planning. But the dividends for the individual and the company have proven to be great.