Hydration is the core of health​

Benefits of water : healthy hydration

Nestlé Waters’ involvement for hydration

We at Nestlé Waters have been concerned about health for a long time. Being well aware that health is of vital importance, we are convinced that our products make a positive impact on society and for that we are proud. Some of our natural mineral waters have been around for decades and are recognized by the medical community for their health benefits.

Access to healthy, quality water is a topic of interest to people around the world and we take it to heart.

Nestlé Waters wants to offer healthy bottled water that tastes good

Drinking Water for a Healthy Lifestyle

At Nestlé Waters, we believe that what you drink is just as important as what you eat. Let’s not forget that the first step towards good health is a healthy lifestyle. As water is the essential element for life, we think that it deserves extra special attention.

We make every effort to offer healthy bottled water that tastes good. Because quality is the foundation of everything we do at Nestlé Waters, our bottled water ensures that each consumer can hydrate themselves daily in complete confidence.

Daily Water Hydration

We all know that we have to drink water every day, but how can we be sure that we drink enough?

Nestlé Waters invites you to find out more hydration facts by reading about the role of water in the body. You can also find out more about the importance of daily water hydration for those suffering from diabetes or obesity.​​​​