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Vittel is the source for vitality, as part of a family’s balanced diet as well as an athlete’s essential hydration. Thanks to its natural abundance of calcium and other mineral salts, attained through years of filtration through underground rock layers, the pure, still water promotes strong bones for children and adults.

These health benefits were first promoted by Louis Bouloumié in the 1850s, when he experienced the healing properties of mineral water from the natural fountain of Gérémony, in the Vosges Mountains of France, and established the spring as Vittel’s Grande Source. As a partner of the Tour de France and the Paris Marathon, Vittel continues today to exemplify and inspire vitality, energy and endurance.

Vittel waters accompany consumers throughout their day with a variety of formats from 0.33 l to 2 l, in 100% recyclable PET as well as glass bottles. The uniquely rich and revitalizing taste and balanced mineral structure of Vittel makes it the perfect partner to every meal.

Environmental sustainability

Vittel’s commitment extends to the environment; the brand’s 'zero pesticide policy' and recycling programs are just two important measures to protect the source of the mineral water and create shared value with local communities. Further abroad, Vittel supports South America’s Pur Project to fight deforestation and climate change.

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