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Valvert contains naturally healthy minerals to replenish you throughout the day – every day.

Valvert is for all consumers that want to drink bottled water. The low mineralisation makes Valvert incredibly suited for infant nutrition.

Valvert comes from “Vallée Verte”, meaning Green Valley.

Water Stewardship

For over 25 years, we have been committed to preserving water resources by working in partnership with stakeholders towards sustainable water management and protecting the environment.

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In 2018, all the local farmers in Etalle (where the Valvert bottling plant and source are located), Nestlé Waters, and the Etalle local administration, signed an agreement to protect the Valvert source through sustainable farming: the farmers use zero pesticides, the Etalle administration does not use chemicals for weeding, and Nestlé Waters supports the farmers by providing training and advice from experienced agronomists and bio-engineers. We are also working on getting certified against the AWS standard in the coming years.

Environmental sustainability

At Valvert, we go further, taking a major leap forward in sustainability by being the first Belgian natural mineral water brand to launch a new bottle made entirely from recycled PET or rPET to encourage the circular economy.

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According to Fost Plus, 87,7 % of PET bottles were recycled in Belgium in 2017. We want to go further, for more than just PET bottles, and transform our recycling system.

That is why, in 2018, Nestlé pledged in Belgium to:

  • Collect and recycle 90% of all drink packaging by 2022
  • Reduce litter by 20% by 2022
  • Double the collection rate of sorted packaging out of home by 2025.

We aim to have not only our 150cl bottle be 100% rPET but to also have our currently 50% rPET 50cl bottle be 100% rPET by the end of first semester of 2020.

About Valvert

It is in the Vallée Verte, heart of the Etalle forest in the Gaume, south of Belgium, that Valvert takes its source.

The protected environment of 3500 ha around the Valvert source allows for a qualitative natural filtering. The forest serves as a natural antipollution shield and is the best protection to guarantee the quality of the water.

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Valvert is a local pioneer in sustainability. Both in terms of water stewardship, packaging and transport Valvert’s aim is to work towards a neutral impact on nature.

Watch this video to discover our factory’s sustainability initiatives.

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