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Mineral Water


S.Pellegrino water emerges from 3 deep springs in Val Brembana at the foothills of the Italian Alps. Snow and rain permeate the high Dolomites and take at least 30 years to finally arrive at the sources.

Below the surface, our water is naturally enriched with mineral salts, calcium and magnesium, from contact with limestone and volcanic rocks. We add carbon dioxide from a natural mine to give our water its sparkles and its slightly bitter note.

To promote fine dining culture, our “S.Pellegrino Young Chef” global competition offers new talents in gastronomy the opportunity to show their culinary skills.

Water Stewardship

Our water has come from the same natural springs for 600 Years. To protect these precious sources, authorized people can access the springs.

Our team of in-house expert geologists and hydrogeologists monitor and maintain the health of the springs and quality of the water.

Environmental sustainability

Our plant’s “cascade” system enables us to save water by using it not once but twice to rinse and wash bottles.

Since 2019 we have been reducing our environmental impact using liquefied natural gas-powered ultralight trucks to shuttle our mineral water from the Ruspino plant to the Madone hub from which the water is distributed worldwide. This initiative is one amongst many others and now over 41% of the Group’s mineral water travels on eco-friendly transport systems.


About S.Pellegrino

Sanpellegrino S.p.A. was born in 1899. Only 5 years later, we were already producing 50,000 bottles a day. In 1997, S.Pellegrino became part of the Nestlé family.

Like no other brand, S.Pellegrino sparkles with the joyous style of La Dolce Vita. This quintessentially Italian brand is celebrated the world over for its exceptional sophistication and taste, a perfect accompaniment to the very best food and wine. From its source in the Italian Alps, the 100% natural sparkling mineral water combines a perfectly balanced salinity and acidity with effervescent bubbles to provide a lively, thirst-quenching experience.

For over 100 years S.Pellegrino has graced the tables of connoisseurs of fine dining and superlative living. S.Pellegrino is proud to sponsor the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards as an integral part of its advocacy of excellence. Just as the delicate perlage of tingling bubbles and moderate acidity harmonize perfectly with wine, S.Pellegrino’s commitment to quality, innovation and style is the ideal match for the culinary performances of top chefs.

The brand’s partnerships with iconic Italian firms like Bulgari and Missoni, whose designs have the elegance and flair to decorate the internationally recognized S.Pellegrino bottle, underscore its role as an ambassador of refinement. With its sponsorship of the Milan Fashion Week and the Cannes Film Festival, S.Pellegrino assures its rightful place among the stars.

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